buzzcowBuzz Coren graduated from the University of South Florida in 1975. He began creating curio boxes and jewelry. In July of 1980 he exhibited at his first craft show in Tampa. There he won a small award and met a host of interesting people and willing mentors. He quit his job two weeks later and has been self-employed ever since.

A move to North Carolina in 1982 opened up the resources of a well-established network of craftspeople and galleries from which Buzz has based his career. He developed a line of desk accessories and jewelry and marketed them through galleries and craft shows for several years.

In the early 90s he rediscovered an obscure technique for making bowls that led to a more upscale body of work he exhibited at many galleries and fine craft venues throughout the east coast. Currently Buzz enjoys making multilayered bowls and vessels on commission and continues to market a small popular jewelry line to galleries nationwide.


Featherwood Earrings
Various Styles & Sizes
22.00 - 35.00