The Lovecakes, fronted by the charismatic Chad Garrett, has been building an extensive fan-base with performances at intimate venues to large festivals throughout the North Georgia area. The current lineup also includes seasoned drummer John Valentino and the bass and guitar virtuosity of Gabriel Bennett. The band usually performs as a trio, but live shows have included Brennan Bray on cello and piano and Ken Bennett on guitar, both of whom guest on the upcoming Lovecakes release.

Moving effortlessly from the absurd pop hilarity of "Juicy" to the dark Waits-inspired calliope of "Better Than Me", Chad Garrett proves he's a highly-skilled chameleon with a huge range. As the band's singer and songwriter, he creates songs that are immediately accessible, and yet contain a rare and earnest intelligence.

The Lovecake sound has been compared to early David Bowie, Modest Mouse, Tom Waits, and the Pixies, and they could fit as comfortably into the pop/rock section as the Americana.

The Lovecakes CD