Prior to the discovery of the method for making the Honeypot® luminaries (1993), Creighton Cutts worked on Cumberland Island and in the Marine Mammals Department at the Smithsonian Institution. Creighton still maintains ties with the Smithsonian, and spends 1-2 months a year on Cumberland Island. He was formally appointed Associate Curator of the private Cumberland Island Museum several years ago, and was one of the principals involved in the actual construction of the facility.

His somewhat idyllic island lifestyle changed abruptly with the serendipitous invention of the Honeypot® concept. While working on a piece of sculpture in wax (that was to eventually end up as a bronze finished piece), Creighton came up with a technique of manipulating hot wax that resulted in a uniformed, smooth wax shell with a predictable and controllable thickness. Recognizing the inherent beauty of this new object, he immediately initiated the patent process and began selling Honeypot® Luminaries, initially at the merchandise mart in Atlanta (and eventually several other commercial trade shows across the U.S.) and in Colorado, where a friend had room in the basement for limited production - allowing hand delivery for orders in Aspen, Vail, and other resort destinations.

Thus it began. During the early years of Bee Natural, Creighton also found himself with a wonderful new partner, his son Hunter, who, now thirteen, helps his dad with projects as diverse as breaking up blocks of beeswax to necropsies of stranded sea turtles on the beach, to picking and pressing flowers for the Honeypot® décor (what a contrast!!).

Creighton's plan from the beginning has been to use the profits from this unique idea to finance needed environmental research for the greater good. Portions of the profits from Honeypot® sales help support the research being done on Cumberland Island, as well several other non-profit organizations. He eventually plans to move slowly back to full time research project development and let the Bee Natural Crew run the candle making business!


Beeswax Candles
3.5" - 6"H