I studied Art Education at Southern Connecticut State College in the late '60s. Having a concentration in painting I ventured into the world of ceramics when I took a required clay class. One class led to another and I found myself spending more and more time in the clay studio.

Upon graduation I began my first real job in Richmond, Virginia at the Richmond Jewish Community Center as the Director of Cultural Arts. I began a pottery program at the center and taught adults and teenager all I knew about working in clay. I dragged my potters wheel with me and landed in Georgia.

After a 25 year career in interior design and raising a daughter, I have come full circle and am back at the potters wheel where I have been for the past seven years and feeling right at home! Making functional pottery is of special interest to me, as cooking and serving food is another of my hobbies. I hope my pieces will find their way to your home and your dinner table!

Update: In 2013, Sherry moved north to New York City, largely due to a new job acquired by her husband. However, she continues to make pottery and has been a member of a studio there since 2014.


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Small Vase
Small Shino Bowl
Red Mug