delisachrist From an early age, DeLisa has been involved in the arts. Whether as a small child watching her mother do ceramics, dabbling in her own finger painting/sketching endeavors or playing the piano and singing, arts seemed to be in her blood.

As an adult, she found herself drawn to pottery of all types, antique, art forms and functional. On her many trips to North Georgia she began collecting pottery and watching demonstrating artists whenever she could. Six years ago after much encouragement from a friend, she began a pottery workshop and found much satisfaction and fulfillment from “getting dirty”. In 2009, her husband bought her a wheel for their anniversary gift, although his first thought was a diamond ring. For DeLisa, the wheel is a reminder of how much he loves her.

In addition to pottery, jewelry has become a key art form for DeLisa. When her girls were young, they all would bead together, making bracelets and earrings for themselves and as gifts, using mostly hemp and pony beads. Now, however, she loves to create unique pieces using organic materials, natural stone and rock, indicative of her earthy personality.

Since 2010, DeLisa has shared a studio with friend and fellow pottery, Sharon Mahon. DeLisa resides in Toccoa with her husband, Alan and is thankful to live in such a beautiful part of the country, surrounded by so many of the things and people she loves.


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  Blue/Tan Wine Vase
Blue/Brown Wine Goblet