kimpadulawKim Padula manipulates floating acrylic paint on seaweed moss creating stunning organic patterns. After a laborious preparation process she lays materials such as silk, leather, wax and glass on to the pattern and it adheres. Kimmy proceeds to hand craft the materials into functional wear.

Her perseverance through trial and error of countless mediums has awakened a modern approach to the ancient technique of marbling and sewing. Kim is known for pushing the boundaries of color and pattern in her designer line of home accessories and fashion statement pieces.

Pulling inspiration from the bright energizing colors found in the Mediterranean Riviera and aquatic life, she adds her own twist and perspective to each aspect of her work. Drawing from her Italian ancestry and early background of quilting, the concept of several pieces melded into a united whole is still a challenged and ever present theme in her work.

Kim's personal favorite creations are her mixed media leather purses. Not only are they utilitarian and functional, but they celebrate the wild, unencumbered temperament of the individual.


3" Candle