samanthabuicew2Samantha was born in Atlanta and has lived all over the state of Georgia. She spent her first years in Toccoa and later moved to Savannah in the eighth grade. Since 2014, she has been a Habersham County resident.

Samantha graduated from Armstrong Atlantic University in Savannah with a degree in Fine Art. Since graduating, she has returned to north Georgia and has settled in a small town with her husband and their devoted canine, Logan.

Outside of her artistic world, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, camping and, most of all, running everywhere she goes. 

'Remember Who You Are' is the personal story of a woman and her struggle with mental illness. She sets off on a quest to remember who she is, in spite of all the obstacles inside and out, and plays the cards she is dealt with grace and courage. She reaches out to those with similar issues and hopes to shine a light on the fact that no one is truly alone in the battle against an invisible illness that clearly exists.


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'Remember Who You Are' Book
Hardcover Edition
'Remember Who You Are' Book
Softcover Edition
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