I am an everyday woman who is a wife, a mom of four nearly grown children, a teacher, a colleague, a sister, and a daughter. I am a cancer survivor, a caregiver, and a blogger. I am determined be in the moment, and live fully…both things life has taught me.

My latest way to capture the life in the everyday is my artwork. A couple of years ago, I stumbled across a video of encaustic (painting with wax) work, and I felt my heart jump. Something about the heat…maybe because I have gone through the fire in life…it just caught my attention. I HAD to learn how to do that. So I have been on an odyssey since to discover how to paint with wax. I have found it to be much like watercolor in the unpredictability of it. Sometimes I am more of a facilitator than an artist as I let the wax do its thing.

My pieces are each individual, one of a kind, and inspired by nature. The wax is heated to its liquid form and brushed onto watercolor paper. Each layer must be fused with heat from a heat gun, an iron, or a blow torch. I build up multiple layers, and use a wide palette of color. Once the wax does its work, I embed items in it, such as leaves, or I use oils and gel to create trees on top of the wax. Adding these items, or pictures and images makes me a mixed media encaustic artist. I am in love with the process. I am in love with wax. I am in love with creating.


mgautumncolorsw  mgblueridgemornw mgshadesofgreenw 
Autumn Colors
10"W x 8"H
 Blue Ridge Morning
10"W x 8"H
 Shades of Green - Framed
12"W x 10"H
Nature's Heirloom
5.5"W x 7"H