laurynbaltimorew Hello, my name is Lauryn.  I love to capture the enrapturing moments in life and seek to find magic in the mundane. 

My work is about narrative, because everybody has a story that is part of a greater story, and every person will use their stories to interpret a visual narrative and to view the world in a unique way.  I think stories are not mere diversions, but enchanting and life changing.  I want to depict the works of the ultimate artist in the most enchanting way I can; I wish to give viewers a break from sorrows or pain and a glimpse into Heaven that can be spied in the magical moments we too often miss. 

I also have a passion for all the arts and working with children, so I am working towards an Art Education degree.




lbphotosw    lb5x7photow
8" x 10" Photograph (unmatted)
   5" x 7" Photograph (unmatted)