Bill Duffey splits his time between Atlanta and Clarkesville.  He was introduced to white line wood block printing during a visit to an artist in Maine who instructed Bill in the art of creating images on wood blocks by allowing the images to emerge from the wood by extracting wood on the surface of the block.  These white lines create the image when watercolors painted on the wood are transferred to paper pressed on the block.  Bill generally offers his works privately and as donations for fundraising events but now chooses to offer some of his work in our gallery.

Bill is a mediator and arbitrator with JAMS, an international dispute resolution firm with an office in Atlanta.  Before that, he served as a federal District Judge in Atlanta, as the United States Attorney and in private practice at King & Spalding.

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Vase/Flowers White Line Print
10"W x 12"H Framed
White Line Print
11"W x 13"H Framed