johnkollock ucwJohn Kollock was born in 1928 in Atlanta, Georgia and was educated at the University of Georgia. He has worked in art all of his professional life as a commercial artist, book illustrator, and fine artist. His first love has always been the country life around his family’s homeplace in the Northeast Georgia mountains.

Books written include These Gentle Hills, Seasons Of Light In The Hills, The Long Afternoon, Watercolor Memories Of The Hills, Painting Memories In Watercolor, Meg’s World, Think Persian, The Not-So-Empty Nest, and, most recently released, The Meandering Paths Of An Artist.

His works are in collections in many parts of the world, including the White House. 

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These Gentle Hills
 Painting Memories in Watercolor
 Watercolor Memories of the Hills
jkmeanderingw jkmegsworldw   
Meandering Paths of an Artist
 Meg's World
jknotsoemptynestw jkthinkpersianw  
The Not-So-Empty Nest
Think Persian