Anne Tansey grew up in Western North Carolina roaming through the hills and valleys that are tangles of mountain laurel and locust. Her childhood interest in the woods led her to a career as a botanist for the U.S. Forest Service, where her appreciation for the qualities of different woods was formed.

"All of us have noticed a root, limb or rock that suggests part of a chair or table." Anne began collecting such pieces from the wild. All her table legs are from dead wood found in the forest. Boards for the tabletops come from small local sawmills. "I find satisfaction creating functional tables from organic shapes that perhaps evoke a memory of time spent in the forest . . .bringing harmony and peace to the eye and mind."

Anne lives outside of Asheville, NC where she is still roaming through the hills and valleys.

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Ambrosia Maple Sofa Table
33"h x 17"d x 34"w
Small Walnut Table
18"h x 15"d x 16"w
 Spalted Poplar Table
23"h x 19"d x 21"w
 Walnut Sofa Table
41"h x 13"d x 37"w